Saturday, August 22, 2009

Submission Guidelines

TwilightPop Productions is an independent production studio which focuses on publishing for both print and digital media. We are always looking for quality creator-owned projects from all genres in the form of one-shots, graphic novels and limited series.

It is difficult to break into comics and this industry we are passionate about. The hard truth is that the majority of creators are not ready for professional work. Either they don't have the necessary skills at present time or they are unable to work under a regular deadline and produce quality work. TwilightPop Productions is here to assist.

Typically, we’re looking for works of between 40 and 120 pages (equivalent to 2-6 issues). However, we’re willing to consider shorter stories (for our anthology). We ask that you provide 6-10 fully-illustrated sequential pages. Currently TwilightPop and it's manga/manhwa sister imprint TwilightTokyo is only looking for black & white or grayscale projects. Color projects will be in the pipeline in the future. We rarely look at a script or plot synopsis that is not accompanied by completed art. We are unable to post deal terms, page rates or schedules. Any such information pertaining to these topics will be discussed if we are interested in pursuing work with you.

We strongly recommend pre-assembled creative teams as with limited manpower, it would be hard for us to find the time to put together artists and writers on a regular basis. However if you have a quality project without an artist, we might help in your search to find, but not to hire one. Creators must send their submission electronically through email in order to save you time and money. When submitting work through email, please save it as low-resolution PDF files or in JPG format. Once a submission has been received, the work will be evaluated, and you will be contacted via the email address that you have provided. If we feel the work is strong and has a potential target audience, you will be contacted about your proposed project. Please allow at least 1 week before contacting us about your submission as even though we are small, we receive a lot of submissions. It takes a little while to get through everything and respond. Rest assured if your submission is good enough you will receive a response.

Prepare a professional package. Give our editors enough information to see your vision the way you see it. Email your submission to

At TwilightPop Productions:

  • Our editorial review evaluates your book for quality and publishing readiness. You will receive a general overview of your comic book and constructive comments towards improvement, if any.
  • You don’t pay to get your book published. We take the risks of publishing away from you and lay out the initial printing, marketing and distribution costs.
  • You retain 100% of your creative rights. We only acquire publishing rights in order to get your book out there. Creators receive back-end pay, via Paypal on a periodic basis, for their works (no page rates) and the profit split is 60/40 with 60% going to the creative team and 40% to TwilightPop.
  • Majority of the books will be sold online and some to distributors or at conventions as we feel that we can do a much better job promoting and selling the comics ourselves online and at conventions.
  • We've chosen to bypass the traditional Direct Market method, in favor of a Print on Demand (POD) model, by reducing the financial hurdles of the direct market.
  • You may buy copies of the book at a significant discount from us and sell it yourself.
  • We provide you with the freedom to blaze your own trail to success!

Kindly send your submissions via email to the following:

  • TwilightPop Productions (Mainstream) - twilightpop at gmail
  • TwilightTokyo Productions (Manga/Manhwa) - twilighttokyo.bc at gmail

*Note: Publishing details for our Anthology is slightly different. Email for more info!

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