Friday, March 25, 2011

C2E2 Report!

By Star Crossed Galaxy writer Ryan Keyworth who was there at Artist Alley:

Hello everybody. I just got back from C2E2 and I’m here to give you a quick report on what happened. I was in Artist Alley, selling copies of Star Crossed Galaxy and TwilightPop. I won’t be able to get into too much detail here but if anyone is interested check out my personal blog. Artist Alley was absolutely amazing. I was in a very great row with some incredible artists. I spent the weekend chatting with my neighbors, giving advice to the next generation of writers and artists, selling some comics and getting lost in Chicago.

Friday was a pretty good day. I made some new contacts and sold some comics. Looking back Friday really was a good starter day. It was pretty quiet and not terribly busy. I really regret not touring the show floor and visiting some publishers that day. Saturday was a bit livelier, and I sold about the same amount of comics I did on Friday. I already exceeded the high end sales goal after today, so I was pretty excited. I met way more up and coming artists on Saturday, but I met more professionals on Friday. It seemed pretty balanced. I was able to step away for a bit on Saturday to take a look at the floor. There definitely were some awesome things around. The SHIELD car, Thor’s hammer, all the crazy costumes, it was a lot to take in. Sunday was a completely different beast. I made more sales on Sunday than on Friday and Saturday combined. I met more upcoming rookies and even more pros. It was just insane. I was actually relieved when things finally began to calm down.

Overall the show was incredible. We sold much better than I ever could have hoped and I made more contacts and industry buddies than I thought I would. TwilightPop Productions has made a name for itself in Chicago. Now it’s time to see where we go next! - Ryan

For the detailed report (and maybe pics of Eliza Dushku!), visit here.

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